Defcon Status:   CRITICAL

Here’s the situation:  You are a soldier, and you are at war!  This war is a war for the hearts and souls of all men, women, boys and girls, and it is a war to the death!  Your foe is a formidable one: the second-most powerful being in the universe!


     The Christian Warrior!  presents hard-hitting, in-your-face, "the truth shall set you free" articles, topics and subjects, so desperately needed in our society today.  God's people are to be the "salt of the earth" (Mt. 5:13) and the "light of the world" (Mt. 5:14), and that is our objective – and with the Lord's help, we will succeed.

The Christian Warrior's Armor:

1.  Your loins must be girt about with Truth.
2.  You must wear the Breastplate of Righteousness at all times.
3.  Your feet are required to be shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace.
4.  Also, The Shield of Faith is provided to quench the fiery darts of the wicked.
5.  The Helmet of Salvation is sufficient headgear against mental attack also.
6.  The Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God is the only offensive weapon required to win the war against our foe.

The Christian Warrior's Creed:

The Christian Warrior is committed to "The Five Solas!"

1.  Sola Scriptura!  (by Scripture alone)
2.  Sola Fide!  (through Faith alone)
3.  Sola Gratia!  (by Grace alone)
4.  Solo Christo! (in Christ alone)
5.  Soli Deo gloria! (glory to God alone)